Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden Breakfast

This morning I decided to make myself an omelet. I normally just eat whatever I make for the kids. Today I gave them leftover cinnamon banana pancakes, and I just couldn't make myself eat more pancakes (as good as they are, I have eaten PC every morning for a week, lol)

I finally had a ripe Lemon Boy tomato, so I wanted to use it.

Portabella, banana pepper and swiss cheese omelet with chopped yellow tomato.


Yay for homegrown!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Mmm, that sounds like a good breakfast!

Jody said...

ACK...The picture is beautiful but BLICK!!!!

I guess I am a meat and cheese girl.

Draea Lael (Rose) said...

@Jody: To each her own, my dear! I happen to love meat and cheese, too...I just grew up in a household where you tried a little bit of everything even if it wasn't your fav food. Lucky for me, my parents were both lovers of food. I got to try a lot of different types of food. The fact that I love to cook and try new things is helpful, too! We also moved a lot in my life (most recent move was well over my 20th) so i got to try cuisine from many different regions, ethnicities, cultures, etc.
@CS: AMG, it was sooooooo yummy! Those tomatoes were just divine! <3