Thursday, October 8, 2009

I <3 my big geek, too!

Ok, so there aren't many pictures of my wonderful hubby and I at the moment, mostly because I am usually taking the pictures, and he is usually dodging them.

Here's one for posterity. He looks great, I look exhausted (which I was, and usually am)

Oh, look, I am a slacker again...but I has news!!!

Anyone that knows my kids knows that my son, Alex has a big grin full of big (crooked) teeth. Well, last night around 6pm, the orthodontist called and told us that our insurance had approved his stage one braces and that she had a slot available today and did we want it...duh! Normally, a kid his age would be into stage 2 (comprehensive or full mouth) braces, but my little twiggy apparently is not only slight of build, but slow developing, too. (Physically, not mentally, God knows that one has some brains on him!) the doc said that his teeth are at the stage that a 9 year olds mouth would be, he's almost 13, so he's got some catching up to do.

Anyhow, stage one is really for basic cosmetic changes, so he only has braces on his 4 top-center teeth. The funny thing is...he usually fake smiles and looks like a frog...check this out!

I love my little geek!