Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, hi there...its been a while.

I made a promise to myself to keep up with my little bit of blog. I had been doing pretty well until last week. At least I have a good, reason.


I have been M.I.A since last Thursday because I was hired as a Spanish teacher at the city high and middle school. (I have to float between the 2 campuses in the middle of the day) I have been frantically scrambling to get lesson plans and materials together. All of my general classroom stuff is still in Colorado in storage. I have also never taught Spanish. I also haven't spoken Spanish consistantly in over 12 years. I am totally excited, though, and am very much ready to enjoy what this year is bringing to my life. I have so many great kids and colleagues that I think this is a place that I will feel at home.

So, less time for writing at this point, at least until I get my head on straight and stop running like a gerbil in a spinny wheel. I promise that I will still pop by my favorite bloggy people to get my smiles, giggles, food cravings and warm fuzzies.

For now, I am going to go drink more tea, take some meds and try to kick this annual cold and sore throat that rears it scratchy head every 1st week of school.

Wish me luck.
<3 you all.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cranky Old Lady Down the Street, or "They Fought the Law, and the Law Won"

Today was a good, if hot day. Sir Geek got off work early, I found out that I got the teaching job (even thought I will only be hired as a long term sub until I take the PRAXIS), got out of the house, paids some bills, hung out with the fam that's here, etc. It was decent.

We are notorious around this little neighborhood for sending our kids out to walk around the loop in the evening, especially when they are being all kinds of rowdy in the house. So we sent the 2 midgets here out for a walk while SG and I made dinner.

About 10 minutes later, there's a knock at the door.

Its my boys...and the fuzz...o.O

We asked the nice (read:huge, burly, bear-like) deputy in out of the heat and he tells us that the someone (read:grumpy, old hermit lady) called him about our boys playing "in" their yard and around their mailbox...I am pretty sure it is the same lady that called animal control on our older dog when she got off the leash 5 times in one week (she didn't start trouble, she just liked to run around and explore).

Really? They're 10 and 6...

What happened to "Hey you kids!! get offa my lawn!!"?

We thanked the bear, er....deputy and talked to the boys AGAIN about other people's property and such, and sent them to their room until dinner.

The 6 year old blew it off, I think...but the Bubba...he took it hard.

As we finished dinner, we heard a strange wailing sound. SG and I looked at each other, and went to the boy's room. Bubs was sitting in the corner, in an upright fetal position, hugging his teddy bear named Smores, and WEEPING. We asked him what's wrong, he tells us that he doesn't like getting in trouble, is scared to go to the detention center AND the Camper is harrassing him by laughing at him. >.>

It took about 3 hours, but he's better now. It only took us telling him to calm down and him eating 2 entire cucumbers and 10 cherry tomatoes from our garden.

I hope he remembers this when his hotshot friends want to do something stupid to impress the multiple girlfriends I forsee in his not-so-distant future...

Holy Crap, he's in Middle School!