Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here's the scoop...

Sorry for sucking at posting lately.

This last week has been a lot of ups and downs for me. The downs have been mostly due to the fact that this will be the first month that I haven't received some sort income. I have NEVER EVER in my life been unable to contribute financially. It is rather suckish, to say the least. The ups have been more often, but almost more tentative. My husband is amazing, he does everything he can to cheer me up when I start to worry about money. He is working 50 hours a week to cover everything and never complains about me not working yet. 

Also, if you have remember, I left a rather vague post about the possibility of having a job, but didn't say anything else about it because I didn't want to jinx it. I have been spending the last week trying VERY hard not to worry about it and just let things happen as they will. The situation is this: I am a certified Secondary Social Studies teacher that hasn't had my own classroom in 2 years. I have subbed, but in every other subject possible...except math...we have a hate/hate relationship...I would've damaged children forever if I had to do more that proctor a math test. I made a random trip to the city school district last thursday while out running errands. I had sent in an application for a S.S. position, as well as subbing, if nothing full-time came up. The receptionist was great, someone had filed my teacher app under clerical (wth?) so she went through and checked all of my experience and made a list on the front of the app (it was a long list, I have taught or been involved with a LOT of different subjects.) She noticed that I did a long-term sub job at the other HS in town in Spanish and Drama.

She looked up and asked "Do you speak Spanish???"

Er, yeah...a little rusty but enough to teach level 1 and 2.

"Stay right here while I make a copy of your app."

Me: Um, sure...>.>

She comes rushing back into the lobby with a copy of my app and tells me that I need to go over to the HS RIGHT NOW and talk to the pricipal there. That they have a Spanish position open and haven't had ANY applicants and that "he would LOVE to speak to you!"

Not one to argue (hush, mom) I said "Yes ma'am, thank you very much!" and headed over to the school...
Did I mention it was 104 degrees, I barely had a touch of make-up on and was dressed semi-casually? (I usually don't dress up or put on make-up for errands, but randomly took an extra few minutes to doll myself up a little)

Well, she told me that he may not be there at that time, but to leave my app with the receptionist with my number, so I really wasn't expecting to have him walk into the office as I was introducing myself to Ms. K and telling her that Ms. P sent me over here about the Spanish position. He stopped in his tracks and leaned over to his AP and said "Wow, we are on a roll today!" He asked me to wait while he finished his current interview. I just kept thinking that it is a great thing that I have spent so much time in theater and food service, because I can switch on my game face and confidence like nothing else!

The interview went great, he was asking me all kinds of random questions not necessarily related to teaching, but I realized that he was "feeling me out" (not up, you pervs!) When I mentioned that my daughter was a sophomore and an amazing singer and was really disappointed that the choral program at her school (the other HS in the area) had been eliminated his eyes got big and he said "Well, you know, we are a performing arts school and have a great choral program. As an employee, your kids would qualify to come here."

Me: Oh?? (amg amg amg he is talking like he's already hired me!!!!) That's great, I think she'd really do well here.

So why am I not hired already? The only obstacle is the fact that I am not certified in Spanish, even though I can speak it. I had planned to take the Spanish Praxis this summer, but cash was super tight, the test is $80. The next test in in mid-September. So, after the Principal spoke to the Spanish teacher that I subbed for (she gave a glowing recommendation and he told her that he really liked me!) he called back this morning and said he thought that the impromptu interview went really well and he would love to have me on board. He needed to call his admin office and see what process was available to get me hired on without the Spanish endorsement. BUT that even if they couldn't find a way to get me in the classroom that there was another position there that he would be willing to hire me for just to get me in the door at the school. It would be as an ISS Instructor, and wouldn't pay certified salary, but...its a job, right? I told him that obviously I would prefer to be in the classroom but that if the lack of endorsement was an "immovable object" that I would definitly want to have the opportunity to get on at the school in any way so that I have a better chance at another position later.

Great, right?

 I have been really trying not to think about it, because I don't want to get my hopes up. But I feel really good about it, and for totally "superstitious" reasons.

Every time I have been hired for a new position, it has been within a week of the start of school.
Every time I have been hired at a new school, I wasn't actually planning on an interview that day.
Twice I have been hired to teach something other than my certified area and had to jump through hoops.
Everytime I have been hired I have had to completely build my materials from scratch, I have only taught the same subject from one year to the next once, my 1st and 2nd years.
(can I tell you how much it stinks to have to scramble to create all of those documents over and over again?)

Their colors are Red and Black....EVERY school I have worked in has had RandB as their colors.

Mr. Principal said he'd call me back later today with news.

Trying to keep busy...which leads to my next post!



Jessica said...

That's very exciting! Hope it works out for you either way to have access to that school for your daughter.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

catching up on blogs today. :) This is very exciting! I know that teaching jobs can be few and far between, so it's really great that you might get that opportunity. I'll be crossing fingers and toes for ya!