Friday, July 23, 2010

She's Gone Country...

Well, sort of.

Drama Llama has never really been the physical type, despite her naturally athletic build and solid musculature lurking quietly beneath the surface of her squishy girlness.

She's a bit of a couch potato, in fact...well, bed potato is probably more accurate. She spends the majority of her free time laying on her bed, listening to random music and reading.

So, imagine our surprise yesterday that she volunteered when Sir Geek asks if anyone wants to go to his dad's place to help throw and stow hay.

We got down the the spread around 6pm and met the rest of his help; Butch and Daniel. We piled onto the flatbed trailer and rode out to the big field to start loading the bales. It was still well over 90 degrees with 98% humidity. I made it one lap around the approximately 6 acre field before my weight and hypoglycemia stopped me in my tracks. I threw probably 12 25lb bales before my hands stopped working and my breathing got difficult. (Sir Geek said he never expected me to do that much, not in a mean way) I walked back to the house and sat in a rocking chair on the patio trying to cool down. When they came back with the first load Dad's GF came to check on me. She was surprised and worried about how red my face was and asked if she needed to call someone. I am so tired of being over weight and restricted by my bloodsugar issues.

Anywho, little miss Drama Llama continues to help Butch on the trailer stacking and stuffing the bales so they can get as many in one trip as possible. They unload it at the shed and head back out to start up again. Dad told his GF that he was surprised at how hard she was working, how strong she was...GF says she's not surprised at all, not the way DL is built and the fact that she has 3 little brothers to toss around. 220 bales later, Dad tells DL that he's impressed and will have to remember just how good of a worker she is as he gives her a hug and slips her a $20.

I knew she had it in her somewhere...maybe it was the 2 country hotties that she was working with; Butch and "Arms", lol. Butch is married, though, and "Arms" is dating a girl at DL's school. But they're both great boys and I think they were a bit surprised at how well she worked, too.

I am a bit of a proud peahen at the moment.

Second trip out.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like really hard work!!! Go Drama Llama!!!