Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ack! My EYE...lets!

Rawr..once again, silly thing keeps flipping my images, neckache is up to you. :oP

OK, top hole is a satin stitch with 2 9mm jewelry jump-rings (one on each side of the fabirc) to strengthen the eyelet. Thinking this is a good idea for the corset holes, since it's gonna have a lot of stress on it holding my squishy-goodness in and up... :oD My thread kept breaking until I doubled it over (it is embroidery floss, split in half) so that's why my hole looks all hinky. I think I have the hang of that one.

The bottom is my attempt at a button-hole stitch w/o the jump-rings as guides or support, basically me just trying to figure out how to make the nifty little lockdown knots. I like that, I may use it for things that will show like my overdress front-lacing. (After a few more practice tries, of course!)

Oh yeah, and I managed to get a half-way decent close up of my outer fabric for my corset, just imagine it with the lines running vertically, orrrrr, give yourself a mini-neckache for the full visual effect!

Off to measure out my eyelets for the real deal!


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