Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My new obsession.

Most of you knew me way back when I was a theatre freak that found any excuse to wear costumes for every day stuff. Some of you know me as a History teacher/buff/geek. Many of you know me as a worn out, frustrated mother-of-4 that doesn't get to have as much fun as I would like so I get moody. I have found a way to mesh the first 2 descriptions and alleviate the last (even if just a little bit).

I was looking for a way to "convince" my 13 year old daughter to keep her grades up, and nothing I have tried so far has worked. (We frequently have those momentous attitude clashes that most mothers and daughters do at some point, so I think she was failing out of spite..I mean, and F in Social Studies!?! American History even...has she forgotten what my profession is??). Well, her being the oddball, weirdo that she is...she has fixated her attention on one thing and one thing only...the only things that have mattered to her have been in relation to this topic only...magic, Harry Potter, Aragon, Faeries, Herbology, Shamanism, Wizards of Waverly Place, the Gemma Doyle series (Victorian Gothic...still magic). Since I lost all of my magical powers at the time of her birth, I have been unable to help her with that...sooooooooo

My new bright idea is and old idea...o.O The SCA, a.k.a The Society for Creative Anachronisms. I am not going to explain it, it would take me ages, its fun, go check it out http://www.sca.org/. She seems all excited, going to our first Fighter Practice, social gathering this Thursday...We've decided on 16th century Portuguese Upper merchant class personas...and therefore we get to creat and wear 16th century fancy clothes! (nice way to tie this whole ramble seesion together, huh?).

I am going to be documenting the process, the fun stuff and the tears of pain. Keep watching!

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