Thursday, December 4, 2008

And she's done!

Ok, the experimental body double is done. And its just a little creepy. ;o)

As I was attempting to fit the corset toile(that's the flimsy blue thing) to the form I figured out some things that I could fix to make it better:
1.) Use the Poly fill along the outside of the form, that way I have some give to pull and pin things. Right now, the Great Stuff (This stuff hardened better than I thought it would!)is on the outside and the PolyFill is in the middle. So sticking pins in to hold stuff is a workout itself.
2.) I need a taller stool, this will work for now, but when I want to see how hems hang, gotta have height...The form stands the equivilant of about 5'3", more of my mom's height, not mine :oP (Love you!) So, I either need to find a taller stool, or I need to get a base made.
3.) I REALLY need to do this one over again, too many folds in the tape makes fitting correctly nearly impossible. Looks like its time to run to the store for more tape and stuffing!

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Firecrab said...

i USED TO BE 5'51/2" but I gave all my height to you when you were born. Ahhhhh, the sacrifices fo motherhood.