Thursday, December 4, 2008

And now...

It has decided to snow, again...but its like flour, super powdery...and as I watch Michael pull away for work, his poor little 4-cylinder Toyota "Tortuga" fishtails all the way down the street to the corner...I hope he gets concrete blocks to put in the bed of the truck today.

So, here I sit, alone again, yet another day without work...3 weeks with no subbing, except for 1.5 days in the middle of being sick and trying to make myself work anyhow...and getting sicker. Now I am not sick, just not working, apparently all the middle and high school teachers have decided not to take any days off after the holiday. I keep getting calls for Elementary, but I am not certified for yeah. I work tomorrow, YAY! World History and Gov't teacher at the HS around the corner.

Oh, yeah, for those of you that aren't my mom, I changed my mind about school. I am still going, just not for the MGD cert (multimedia graphic design) I love it, want to do photograohy on the side, somehow incorporate into everything I do, be nice to make extra money with, I may still take some classes to refresh my knowledge. But I have decided to apply for the graduate program at UCCS in order to get my Masters in History. I love to teach, anything else I choose as a career is not really me. There's a reason why I was called to be in classrooms; I have to heed that. I love history, and I am good and teaching it, figuring it out, love studying it, I am a GEEK. A geek with some creative talent and a love for things "out of the ordinary". I can't start the program until next fall, though. That's stinky. So I have to figure out something to do until then, and decide whether I am going to teach fulltime and go to school or sub and school. o.O

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Firecrab said...

Yay! We'll be coeds again at the same time! Cool!