Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are just shells of our former selves... :oP

Teehee, so here are the forms off our bodies. They still need to be stuffed, foamed, weighted and mounted. Maybe I will have mine up by the time my corset boning material is here. (her stuff is on hold til the grades come back up, apparently...the fact that the snotty, wanna-be-mini-thugs in the 8th grade think that she is "weird/crazy" means she doesn't have to do the work in class...)
Can you guess which one is hers, and which is mine??!? o.O
OMGEEEE...Where'd my bust go? I think we got carried away with the tape in the front...its awfully thick and well, smooshie...auck well...should be fine for the style I am making, since curves weren't "In" till 200 years later. :o)

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