Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1/365

I took just a little over 10 photos today, once I made my decision to start the whole "A Day in the Life of Draea". I figured that I'd start off with a pic that pretty much sums up my day.

Tuesday, Sept 1, 2009:
-No sub call today, meh
-Not enough sleep last night, bleh
-Morning meeting at my son's middle school to figure out how we can help him care enough about anything to take the initiative to use his God given tools to succeed like every knows he can, gah.

No, really;
No kids, hubby home on day off, no money to go have a date lunch or anything and the usual 5 hour maintenance on WoW turned into an ALL DAY server down-nothing to do, AMG I want to stab myself in the eye waste of a day. Sooo, sweet geeky hubby decided (30 minutes before the first kids get home, let me add) to try and build me a better computer from his parts that he just upgraded from.......

So, an hour later, 3 computer towers, and all the guts to match....and we end up putting my puter back together just like it was because my power supply cord was too short for the new motherboard >.<

I shot the puteeeeer, but i did not shoot its memory!!

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