Friday, September 4, 2009

"What a RIPOFF!" 4/365

Says my 12 yr old son upon finding out that the mammoth model his mamah bought him and his brothers was missing a few important pieces...did I mention she got it at our fav local thrift store?

So after 3 fights with his brother about whether it was worth it to put it together or not, and almost ending up in tears, (12 yr old, not me, this time) we finally got things smoothed over to where they got it together and even started to sand it to make it less pokey. Now they're in there working together and being nice whilst beating smooth parts into place. Kinda..I hear screams... /sigh

Day 4/365

"Where's mah leggggz?!?"


Firecrab said...

I heard the mamoth was in a horrendous battle and lost part of his body parts before he went to the thrift store.

Draea Lael (Rose) said...

Hmm, I'll try that story on him, see if he stops pouting.