Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eye Snot!

I think I probably just met the craziest teacher ever, maybe second only to my own HS drama teacher. Today was my first day subbing for the school district that I live in. I was at the alternative school in for a half day for a social studies teacher. She came back in a little early after he doctor appt and says "Hey guys, guess what!?!?! I just got the COOLEST diagnosis EVAR!" Apparently, she had allergies that developed into sinus infection that got so bad that now she wakes up with..."EYE SNOT! Isn't that cool??!?!?!?!" o.O

I wanna be that silly...
She has more energy and spunk than anyone I have ever met, and she has 6 kids...granted the youngest is 22, soooo maybe in...17 years I'll feel like that...gah, I hope it doesn't take that long.

On a side note to that outrageous announcement; apparently while she was in the front office checking in, several of the students that I had earlier in the day came up to her and RAVED about The thing that stuck out the most to them? That I didn't talk down to them like they were idiots, that I wasn't scared of them, and that I actually TALKED to them, period. I still get amazed, sometimes, about how so many kids just want someone to treat them like a human being, like they matter.

Why is that such a rare thing to find in teachers, sub and full-time, that students go gaga over an hour with someone that is just THERE to them?

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