Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go Figure...

When I started this little gardening endeavor, I tried to do everything "right". I read the information on all the heirloom seeds that I acquired and tried to follow the directions. I started my seeds in doors when there was still a possiblity of frost. I started each set of 2-3 seeds in their own little individual greenhouse cup, complete with organic soil and starter fertilizer. BUT they all died...TWICE!!!! I started a total of 50 plants, 25 at a time, watered and cared for them, kept them inside until they were big enough to be set oustide a little while every day...and they died...all of them. Wilted into teeny, little, sad reminders of my tendency to kill green things. I fussed, and whined and fumed and "RAWR"ed until I almost gave up. I bought allready started plants that seemed like they would do well and I was less likely to destroy them. (They're doing well, by the way...4 plants are at or over 4ft in height!)

But I still had all of these heirloom seeds left over from my disastrous experiment...what was I going to do with them? On a whim, I bought 2 18" wide, coconut-fiber-lined, hanging baskets at Dollar General, filled it to about 2" below the rim with sorghum peat and organic potting soil...and tossed a handful of Cream Sausage (a yellow-white paste tomato) and Green Zebra (green with orange stripes roma-type) into each and said "to heck with it!" (I actually think I said something more colorful and witty, but darned if I can remember, /sad face) That was, ooooh, 3 weeks ago or so? I have watered them, or nature has (we've had a series of nasty storms a-rolling through here lately) but haven't really checked on them since I "washed my hands of them" and they were above my line of sight.

What do I see when I tippy-toed up to see what I could see?

                                                                Cream Sausage

Green Zebra

I left them alone, and they grew...Go figure.

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