Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who is less than a smart one?

THIS chick! *points at self accusingly*

For those of you that don't know, I live in Mississippi and have started a garden. I have been really good about watering in the early morning so that the water is absorbed before the major heat of the day starts...but guess what I KEEP doing? Trying to weed, at 12:30...duh! I think the heat melts my brain daily and makes me forget just how much it SUCKS to squat over super-heated dark soil, fumbling around attempting to foil the crabgrass's plot to conquer my little patch of green heaven!! Bleh

On the other hand, I now have nearly 20 tomatoes growing! YAY! So what if they are less than an inch in diameter. I haven't killed them yet!!! Huzzah!

The watermelon and cucumber plants are spreading like crazy, and both have tendrils started, as well as a few blossoms...sooo, maybe fruit soon?

Everything else is taking its time. One thing I am definitly learning from this experiment is PATIENCE, something that has been seriously lacking in my life for a while. Although, it is pretty nifty to wake up early to water and see all the overnight growth and blossoming. Funny thing is, the tomato plant that fruited first (Better Boy) is the shrimpiest one of all! All of the others are at least 2.5 ft tall, most are almost 5ft...BB is only 18 inches.  I hope he hits a growth spurt soon!

Yes, that is my chubby, bright-white self with my middle son, the Bubba. He's always eager to help mom, especially if it makes him look better than his lazy brothers. >.>

I love this pic!  :o)


Gigi said...

Yeah, I do the same thing. Something you might want to try next time to keep the weeds to a minimum is to use landscape fabric - this usually works really well (except in *this* yard (it's new to me)).

Thanks for stopping by and following, I really appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you more often.

Oh, I don't know much about vegetable gardening, but hubby grew some Better Boys once and those things are AWESOME!

Draea Lael (Rose) said...

Heh, I actually have some...still rolled the utility room, I think! I was so excited to finally have something growing that taking the time to measure and cut and then cut the holes for the plants seemed tiresome...heh.

I did find something that I hope will work, though. I read somewhere that long grass clippings the dry in the yard makes really great mulch. Sooo, after the 13 yr old mowed our acre, I had him leave the clippings. Set them out around the tomatoes first, hoping this crazy deluge doesn't wash it all away.
I am really looking forward to this crop coming in, I could eat tomatoes all day long! (and probably will be if they all grow like they should!)

A reciprocal thanks to you, my dear! I am sure we will be seeing each other a bit!

Pearl said...

Oh, boy, TOMATOES! Yum. Eat them right out of the garden...

I love the hands picture, too. :-)


Draea Lael (Rose) said...

I <3 fresh tomatoes, right off the vine...that's why I planted 11 different types!

@Pearl: my 13 yr old took the picture of Bubba and I, I thought it would be a cool pic, but my hands were tied, literally. ;o)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

How exciting! I love that you have watermelon growing!

Draea Lael (Rose) said...

Me too! My youngest picked watermelons and pumpkins...he's all happy. They're small yellow watermelons...and there are now blossoms on the vines!!!! Yay!