Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hold the phone!!!

Great news, all! I finished a project...and the world hasn't ended!! WOOHOO! 


Don't get me wrong, I am, in no way, implying that my little crafty projects determine the fact of anyone's world besides mine.

I just have this pathological inability to complete things that I start out REALLY wanting to do.

Perfect example: the fully beaded traditional northern buckskin regalia that I started 15 years sits 3/4 of the way done in a box, in storage...

Oh, that's just one thing, you say...

It's everything that I start doing (that is not work or family related). If it is something that I feel really strongly about doing, then WHOOOSH...I am off like a flash to get started on it. That fervor continues until the thing is passable, but not finished...usually about 3/4 of the way. Then, poof, the motivation to complete said project takes a permanent vacation to some gorgeous medieval, Mediterranean villa to lounge and chuckle at my ineptness (is that a word?) I have a collection of partially completed artsy things that haunt my dreams and remind me that I am a "chronic postponer".

Well, ghosts of crafties past, I fart in your general direction!

Its only a small part of a large project, but I finished it, by golly, and I am happy!
I started this 16th century fully-boned, tabbed corset in Aug of 2008 to wear under my 16th century merchant-class court garb.
 (I am an SCA-er, and a historian, and perfectly happy to dress up like a lady...on occasion)

I promise I am not scowling at my daughter while she takes this photo, the sun was in my eyes...honest.

What you are looking at here are 20 hand-bound eyelets. My fingers still aren't completely over the abuse they received whilst I worked on these, but at least they're talking to me now.
This was actually not the part that kept me from finishing, it was the trim along the bottom tabs...
 also hand-sewn
Yes, I am a little bit crazy.

So how did I managed to complete this thing? I made a deal with myself.
 No blogging or MMOing until I was finished.
 I am not above bribes.

I think I am going to have to come up with something involving chocolate for the next step...a 16th century "hoop skirt", a farthingale, complete with six rings of boning to support the winter-weight dress that I am also 3/4 of the way done with.
Baby steps, Rosie, baby steps.

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pTara said...

OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want one!! ;)

Congrats on getting it done though, you are on your way to great things! In this case you are on your way in getting past projects done.