Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Picture Evidence...

(Thanks for the idea, Cap'n!)

I was attempting to clean/unpack a few boxes since I actually got more than 3 hrs of sleep last night. I have felt like a slackass for the past few days due to Super Zombie Mom sticking around longer than I had hoped for. I came across a few packs of photos and photo CDs...and I got happy. I thought I would share the love a little here.

This was taken while I was a Rope Course instructor at the reservation school that I used to teach at. One of my fav students EVAR started calling me Freakishly Amuzing (she has a knack for great silly nicknames) and I took it as my school year scrapbook title. (I have thought about making it my blog title, and still may...I should get rid of the Smith, though, I don't carry that name anymore)
The Royals of Randomness (several years ago)

The Royals, last year.

Sir Geek and Lady Drama Llama:

If you'll notice, Drama Llama is soaking wet..the story here is that we went on a day trip to Echo Lake, west of Denver. (the lake is just short of the peak, sits at about 11,000 ft) The day was awesome, air temp was 70 in mid-july. We spent the day walking around the lake, climbing trees, being silly and getting photo evidence of the whole time. DL thought she would be funny and toss handfuls of lake water on everyone all day.

She tossed more water on SG than anyone, so he set her up. He got Little Geek to sit on a rock at the edge of the lake and holler at DL to come look, a FISH!!! As she leaned over to peer intensely into the crystal clear water...SG stretched out his cowboy-booted foot and pushed her in. It was only about 2.5ft deep, but she tumbled and got soaked. The best part is that the water was approximately 45 degrees. She didn't throw water on anyone the rest of the trip.


Hmmm, I wonder if this event led to her strange aversion to being splashed with buckets of water the other day...

Nah, I think she's just a Royal Drama Llama.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, don't you love it when you find old photos. It always takes you back to right then. Glad they made you smile!

Pearl said...

Very amuzing!



Aimee said...

I love the pics!